Jasper Flat Belt bag closing conveyors are designed to transfer bags in an upright position through a sewing head, or heat sealer. Our standard conveyor is 8ft long. We can build up to 14ft in length. We use a 12" wide smooth top belt. Conveyor can be set up with a fixed belt speed of 35 FPM standad or can range up to 55 FPM upon request. 

Standard Features:

*12" wide smooth belt

*Manual height adjustment

*Rear guide rail

*5" diameter Pulleys

*Fixed belt speed 35-55 FPM Painted mild   steel construction

​*Painted mild steel construction 


*Conveyor length 7-14 ft

*Adjustable guide rails (front & back)

*Dual adjustable guide rails (front & back)

*Control Box

*VFD variable speed drive​

*Rough top belting

*Food Grade belting

*Stainless Steel construction

​*Hand crank or motorized lift


Jasper Flat Belt Conveyor